Berlin, Deutschland. XvX. For the total liberation of animals, earth, and humans. Strongly anti-capitalism, anti-consumerism, and anti-globalisation. Intersectional to the core. Pro-choice. Sex-positive. Consent-enthusiast. Feminist. Cis. Queer - them/they pronouns. Preparing for the zombie apocalypse... and having been informed a baseball bat is a bad choice of weapon, the current option is a frying pan.

OK, but seriously. Life is FREAKING INCREDIBLE right now. and I am pretty incredible too. So so so happy. If I can *just* make it through this weekend without having one of my infamous Friedel meltdowns then I will be stoked.

Also, Spinnerette. LOVE!!! Forgot how much. SO MUCH LOVE.

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I’d like to follow more vegans and bisexuals. If you’re either of those things, reblog this and I’ll check out your blog.

i don’t always ID with the term bisexual (maybe more pansexual or queer or fluid or maybe even demisexual) but yes.

Ditto. Queer. But that sort of fits right?